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One and only finest Spa in Dalhousie offers an extensive menu of over 55 body and beauty treatments, integrating the traditional Indian systems of Ayurveda with the more contemporary Western spa approach. The spa experience strives to achieve the ultimate harmony between the physical and the mental realms of the individual.

With unique focus on the traditional Indian sciences of Ayurveda; Anandam Spa creates the skillful synthesis between age-old therapies and modern spa technology. The personalized therapy and activities program are designed to meet individual needs and health goals – de-stress, detoxification and cleansing, deep relaxation, anti-ageing, weight & inch loss, while also offering guidance in the areas of nutrition and exercise.

Our spa therapists with knowledge of ancient Indian sciences and modern western treatments – all gently guide you towards a better lifestyle. We also offers a temperature controlled Jacuzzi hot tub bath, Sizzling Sauna Bath and Soothing Steam Bath and a state of the art Salon area for facial, pedicure, manicure, hair spa, hair styling, coloring, oxy bleach, pedispa, waxing and threading.



Couple Spa Packages

The Ultimate Spa Experience for Couples: Spend memorable moments with us and enjoy the ultimate experience of distressing and rejuvenating yourself. Start with a Jacuzzi Hot Tub followed by a Forest Essentials body polisher followed by a Deep tissue Aromatherapy Massage. followed by a steam bath. Reap the benefits of the Natural Radiance Facial and lastly relax in a milk and Honey bath.
Aromatherapy Experience for Couples: Experience our choice of unique aroma blends to calm your senses. Start with a Jacuzzi Hot Tub followed by Aromatherapy scalp treatment followed by an Aromatherapy massage. End it with a relaxing Aroma bath to sooth your mind, body and soul.

Express Relief for Couples: Running out of time, but yet need to de- stress? Unwind with our healing foot massage followed by a relaxing back massage and a stimulating head & neck massage. End it with a rejuvenating rose petals bath.

Signature Experiences for individual

The Sense of Life: Enjoy a warm hydrating sea salt and crystal rose body polisher to exfoliate and detoxify, followed by a body massage with Indian Rose and Geranium oil to stimulate the senses and improve mental clarity and memory.

Firming Sandalwood: To begin this sensual experience enjoy a Sandalwood and Turmeric body polisher to soothe the muscles and body, followed by a body massage with Sandalwood and Vetiver oil which giving your body a firmer appearance.

Regenerating Grape Vine: Wild grapes are truly among the most abundant, prolific, and useful fruits on our Earth. They lift our mood and act as an anti oxidant protecting skin collagen and elastin components. Start with a Grape Vine with Cane Sugar scrub to exfoliate the body, followed by a relaxing cream to detoxify the clogged pores. Lastly get a rejuvenating body massage with moisturizing oil. this oil has regenerating qualities such as; vitamin E, vitamin C, Beta-carotene and vitamin D which improves the skin's texture.

Luxury Aromatherapy: Stress comes in many forms; this tension relieving envelopment will comfort & warm the body to help restore equilibrium, peace of mind deep relaxation to body and spirit. Its a full body massage start with Aromatherapy scalp treatment followed by an Aroma massage with rejuvenating aroma oil.
Body Polishers

Hydrating Sea salt Crystal Rose: This is the ultimate spa skin polish for unrivalled smoothness and dazzling radiance. Mineral-rich salts saturated with the sensual oil of Indian Rose and blended in a nourishing Apricot Kernel, Almond and Sunflower Oil base create the perfect scrub for stimulating, exfoliating and softening the skin. This highly addictive bath treatment pampers the skin
by leaving it luxuriously buffed and glowing.

Sandalwood & Turmeric: Sandalwood retains moisture levels, is toning, purifying, and cooling and soothing. Turmeric is a strong anti-oxidant that prevents the ageing of the skin. It evens out skin tone and color and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Cane Sugar & Tamarind: Real Cane Sugar crystals soaked in a sparkling blend of Citrus Oils with pure Tamarind Pulp adds a therapeutic dimension to this stimulating body polish. _e fresh fragrance of Bitter Orange and Bergamot leaves one feeling highly invigorated, while the pure, raw Sugar content exfoliates, intensively hydrates and repairs the skin, leaving it gleaming and glossy.

Blissful Massage

Secrets of Honey: A well-known mathematician of ancient Greece-Pythagoras asserted that he lived to a ripe old age because he used honey. A massage with Honey and Sandalwood oil is prescribed for creation of velvety and smooth skin.

Madurai Jasmine and Mogra: Jasmine is mood uplifting while Mogra, a sweetly scented variety of Jasmine, is stress relieving and has a soothing effect on dry or sensitive skin.

Swedish massage: A wonderful combination of medium and deep pressure, using specific strokes that help reduce stress, for both emotional and physical. Recommended as part of a program for stress management.

Aromatherapy Treatment: A light to medium pressure massage using pure essential oil, extremely relaxing.

Sports and Fitness Massage: This full body deep tissue massage is appropriate either before or after exercise to help increase circulation and warm-up the muscles, preventing strain and relieving aches and pain. Ideal for anyone involved in sports, fitness or heavy physical work.

Balinese Bliss: Using scented massage oil combined with sensual strokes, skin rolling, thumb and palm movements, this massage sparks up the nerve endings and increases circulation.

Luxury Aromatherapy Massage: A Deeply therapeutic, Holistic massage using blends of essential oils whose aromatic appeal is a personal response to each individuals needs.

Hot Stone therapy: Warm aromatic stones are gently slide over the body to create a deep penetrating heat into the muscles, melting away the stress and strain. The hot stones are placed at certain points of the body for maximum relaxation.

Quick De-stressors

Scalp Treatment: A deep aromatherapy scalp massage treatment to stimulate circulation and healthy hair growth.

Indian Head Massage: This pressure point massage on the head, neck and shoulders helps to release mental stress and tension. It also frees knots of muscular tension.
Signature massage Indian Magic: Specialized oils blended with Aswagandha, Bala root herb help to rejuvenate both aching muscles and tired minds.

Swedish Back Massage: A de-stressing massage focusing on the neck, shoulder and back.

Sport and Fitness Back Massage: A deep tissue massages focusing on your back.

Foot Pleasures

Jet-Lag Reviver: A wonderful treatment for tired weary feet that gives you an instant relief, stress reducing and extremely relaxing

Foot Reflexology: A natural healing art on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every part of the body, assisting to restore and maintain body equilibrium by encouraging the body naturally to restore its own healthy balance.

Pedispa: This treatment consists of gentle splashing with a scented herbal foot soak to remove and reduce excessive dryness of heel area. The therapist will then massage your feet and legs using a Forest Essentials lotion.

Heaven Scented Hammams

Milk and Honey Bath for Couple: The secret to soft skin is in a honey and milk bath. _is recipe is over a century old and has been used by famous beauties known for their lovely, so_ skin. Now you can reap the benefits of this beauty secret with this fragrant honey and milk bath.

Aromatherapy Bath for Couple: A beauty bath with Rose petals and 100% pure essential oils designated for a peaceful night’s sleep. It soothes the mind, body and soul and you awaken revitalized.

Facial & Salon Services

Deep Cleansing Facial: A mini facial that gives an instant refreshing effect and a quick cleansing for all skin types which stimulates
blood flow to the skin, oxygenates the skin, removal of toxins, meticulously extracts blackheads and whiteheads, regulates oil production, purifies and soothes the skin.

Time reverse Anti Aging Facial: A new generation anti-wrinkle and firmness program that combines high tech complexes and formulas to address Not only the structural, but also the dynamic causes of aging. Lift Defense 2 is the new generation anti-age Treatment that combines high-tech complexes and formulas excellent of anti-wrinkle and firming.

Natural Radiance Facial: A beautifully soft, velvet textured formulation to suit all skin types, Noctuelle Vitamin C melts into the skin's tissues where it works to maximum effect. Immediately Noctuelle Vitamin C brings softness and radiance back
to your skin.

Anandam Organic Facial: For the eco-conscious spa guest, nature’s organic garden blossoms for your skin. Escape from the stress of modern times, avoid city pollution and create your own link with nature. Reveal the best of nature with this 100% organic treatment featuring natural flower extract, this facial delivers nourishing, hydrating benefits revealing revitalized and brighter skin.

Anandam Signature Facial: Our Signature facial inspired by Green Technology towards ECO cosmetics (Ecologically sustainable natural cosmetics). Skin will feel softer, smoother, hydrated, energized and nourished after treatment.

Face firming Facial: offers a safe, effective and non-invasive method for restoring your skin’s natural moisture, toning your facial muscles and lifting sagging muscles.

Essential Mineral Facial: Lightweight facial for normal skin. Natural holly leaf extract makes skin look fresh and provides powerful anti-oxidant effect. Vitamin E and essential minerals are increases

• Hair Spa (Massaging, Shampooing, Applying hair mask, Conditioning and Hair wash)
• Express Pedicure (foot soaks, hard skin removal, cuticle treatment, foot scrub, file and polish)
• Express Manicure (hand soaks, cuticle treatment, hand and arm scrub, file and polish)
• Full body waxing
• Full - Arm waxing
• Full - Leg waxing
• Full Face Threading
• Upper Lip Threading
• Eye Brow Threading
• Chin Treading
• Nail Art (on demand)
• Hair Wash (Shampooing, Conditioning, Hair Washing and Drying)
• Hair Coloring
• Hair Rebonding
• Hair Styling

Spa Extras

• Jacuzzi Hot Tub Bath
• Steam Bath
• Sauna Bath

Special Treatments

Anti Cellulite Treatment: True cellulite is caused by irregularities in the very super facial fat of the skin. Unfortunately, that is very close to where the blood supply of the skin is, in the sub dermal plexus. Treatments such as Tui-Na massage with anti cellulite oil gives your best results.

Skin Tightening Therapy: The flow of time and long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight causes skin to age. Forest Essentials Trisala oil and Kalari Massage will help you to tightening your skin.

Weight Loss Treatments: The word Udvartana is largely used for the most famous body treatment in Ayurveda to lose weight.
However if we refer to the classics of Ayurveda we have deferent types of Udvartana mentioned,
which will help you to lose your unwanted weight.

Bust Lifting Massage: Bust Lifting massage therapy is not only lifting the bust it’s also can also provide pain relief from pain associated with bra compression or pre-menstrual syndrome. It can also relieve stress and pain from the chest muscles and is also recommended to aid post-surgical recovery.

Anti Stretch mark therapy: If you have stretch marks that affect a large area of your body, or are worried they look unsightly, then this therapy will definitely help you, we use Forest Essentials Trisala for tui-na massage which helps you to fade your stretch marks quickly.

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